Past Footage of Kwon Nara’s No-Makeup Face Goes Viral in Light of Her Recent Visuals in “Itaewon Class”

She revealed all on a past episode of “I Live Alone”.

With the recent popularity of JTBC’s Itaewon Class, Kwon Nara is often called a “cheat character” for unbelievably gorgeous she’s been looking on the show.

As a result, all sorts of past footage of the actress have been going viral online, one of which shows her bare, naked face with no makeup on.

Last year, Kwon Nara appeared on MBC’s I Live Alone and revealed her no-makeup face for everyone to see.

On the show, she was demonstrating her night skin routine and showed viewers how she cleaned her face.

So Kwon Nara put her hair up in an adorable pigtail and washed her face.

And what appeared was flawlessly pale skin, as well as distinct features that didn’t look so different from when she was wearing makeup.

Some of the comments to Kwon Nara’s no-makeup face include, “She’s so pretty that I have no more words for it”, “I wish I looked like that”, and “It’s not fair how pretty she is“.

There you have it.

If you’ve ever wondered what Kwon Nara actually looked like, the answer is “just as gorgeous.

Source: Insight