LOONA’s Heejin Reveals Why She’s Put Her Plans For Acting On Hold For Now

“I want to challenge myself in acting, but…”

LOONA‘s Heejin revealed why she won’t be pursuing a career as an actress for the time being!

Recently, Chuu and Heejin shot a pictorial with The Star magazine and also sat down for a subsequent interview, where Heejin revealed why she won’t be acting for the foreseeable future.

Referencing Heejin’s acting for the K-Drama Do You Remember When We First Met? (also called “Woomanna”) where she starred alongside fellow members Hyunjin and Haseul, the staff asked Heejin about her future plans regarding the path of acting!

Heejin also showed your acting skill from the webdrama. Do you plan to act in the future again?


Heejin revealed that while there was much to learn and much she took away from her time as an actress, she plans to focus on music for now!

I was so fortunate to join it, and I was surprised since so many people gave us so much love. I really had fun filming the drama. If I have a chance, I want to challenge myself in acting, but I love music so much now.

That’s how I feel.


Looks like fans will have to wait a while for actress Heejin to show up again!

| @Lonabit/Twitter

You can watch her talk about it here!