LOONA’s Heejin Reveals The Idol She Wants To Be Close With

We hope they can be friends soon!

Fansign events are opportunities for fans to get in touch with their favorite idols personally and to get to know them better through speaking with them!

At LOONA‘s fansign, an Orbit asked Heejin if she is still close friends with ITZY‘s RyujinHeejin shared that they are still friends and that they always say hi to each other when they cross paths especially in music show broadcasts.

Heejin also shared that she wants to be friends with the rest of ITZY too!

When she was asked if there are any other idols who she wants to be friends with, Heejin mentions Red Velvet. She specifically mentioned Yeri‘s name.

We hope they can interact and build a solid friendship soon!

Source: Twitter