LOONA Shares Some Of Their Favorite Childhood Memories And They’re Adorable AF

Heejin will never forget that parade!

In a recent Q&A event with theQoos, an Orbit along with her adorable cat (Oreo!) asked LOONA if they could talk about some of Of their favorite memories growing up. After admiring the kitty for a little bit, the members shared a few of their childhood stories.

LOONA’s Fan Exclusive Q&A Event | TheQoos

Hyunjin went first, detailing her amazing experience at an amusement park when she went abroad! During a parade, she was absolutely captivated by the extravagant display and even got invited to dance along by one of the performers.

When I was young I went to an amusement park, and I remember foreigners dancing while riding floats! When I was looking at them… (showing her hand) ‘Shall we dance?’ I remember the foreigner reaching out his hand like, ‘Do you want to dance with me?’

— Hyunjin

| TheQoos

After that, Yves mentioned that the Orbit’s cat made her think of the time she got her fur baby, Haneul!

Oreo reminds me of the happiest moment when I first met my dog Haneul.

— Yves

| TheQoos

Chuu had a story that leans more on the humorous side, recalling a specific hairstyle she used to wear. We have to admit – tying up your bangs might look a little silly, but it’s definitely a useful way to get them out of your face!

When I was a kid, I had bangs and I remember tying them and riding the train!

— Chuu

| TheQoos

Choerry surprised her fellow members with the bold statement, “I can’t forget this!” As they all turned around to hear what she had to say, she explained how one of her favorite things to do in the winter was making snow angels! Choerry then endearingly imitated the action by waving her arms up and down.

When it snows a lot, lying down in the shape of an angel and making a snow angel with your arms and legs!

— Choerry

| TheQoos

In response to Choerry, Heejin chimed in with her own favorite winter activity – going sledding with her mom!

I also rode a sled with my mom on a hill in front of my school in winter. I was really happy!

— Heejin

| TheQoos

Which of the LOONA members’ stories is your favorite?