Korea’s Most Controversial Halloween Display Will Haunt You For Years To Come

It was deemed extremely inappropriate by the public.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Seoul amusement park Lotte World was once criticized by the public for its controversial and graphic Halloween decoration display that many believed “crossed the line” for what is appropriate for a kid’s attraction.

“What were they thinking.. Female corpse sculpture” | SBS

As Halloween has become more popular in Korea every year, Lotte World puts on a “Horror Halloween” event where the park becomes a Halloween-themed attraction full of decorations for the spooky holiday.

Lotte World during Halloween | LotteWorld.com
Lotte World during Halloween | Koreabyme.com

However, a display in 2017 once went too far, according to the public. The decoration featured a bloody woman inside a Styrofoam butcher’s shop meat package labeled “Zombie Meat” with a sticker showing the price and barcode.

Zombie Meat display | Lotte World, 2017

Many believed that not only was the disturbing display extremely graphic for an amusement park where children would be present, it also sexualized women.

Zombie Meat display | Lotte World, 2017

In a news segment, amusement park goers commented on the graphic and inappropriate display.

I have no idea what they were thinking at the time while making this.

— Lotte World visitor


Lotte World staff initially responded to the issue and said the displays are made by a separate company.

We can’t just ask them to ‘get rid of this’ or ‘include this’ to the people working there, since they’re sub contractors.

— Lotte World staff


Ultimately, the display was removed following its controversy on September 4.

Source: SBS