Lovelyz Members React To Fan Art And It’s Hilarious

Lovelyz’s Yein found out that the dedication behind a fanart is much more important than the actual artistic outcome.

During a fan signing event, Yein was gifted a fan art of herself by a devoted fan.

Yet the drawing could be considered less-than-flattering by others as it highly exaggerated her big eyes, tall nose, and wide smile.

She shared the caricature with Baby Soul as they laughed at the funny exaggerations.

But at the end of it all, she hugged the drawing and thanked her fan for the gift!

Instead of being offended by the exaggerated features, Yein appreciated the time and love her fan put into drawing the special art.

No matter the outcome, Yein understands the importance of appreciating the message than the artistic results!

Source: Insight