Lovelyz’s Mijoo Has a Very Specific Reason for Why She Doesn’t Want a Personal Instagram Account

It’s not what you’d think.

In a recent video of What’s In My Bag, Lovelyz‘s Mijoo offered a very unique and specific reason for why she doesn’t want a personal Instagram account.

She received a question from a fan asking her when she plans to open her own personal Instagram account.

I want to know when you’re going to open a personal Instagram account for us.

– Fan

And Mijoo confessed that she has a reason behind why she isn’t opening her own account.

She explained, “Do you remember when I said I read books? I’m worried that I’ll feel all sentimental at night and end up posting a selfie of me crying on my Instagram. That’s why I’m not making my own Instagram account.


Mijoo continued, “If I post a selfie of me crying, I feel like I’ll kick my blanket at night with regret.

She then made it clear that she doesn’t plan to ever make her own Instagram account for that very reason.

Sorry. I don’t think I’ll ever make an Instagram account.

– Mijoo

Regarding Mijoo’s unexpected reason, fans are responding with comments such as “That reason is actually so like her“, “She’s crazy cute“, and “I’d love to see a selfie of her crying though“.

Her reason isn’t typical, but it’s definitely fair!

You do you, Mijoo!

Source: Idol News