Netizens Are Shocked After Seeing Lovelyz Sujeong’s Hot Body

“She’s not even wearing heels.”

Lovelyz‘s Sujeong has been the center of attention after a fan-taken photo of her full body began going viral through various online communities and social media.

The photo was taken during a baseball match between the Doosan Bears and Lotte Giants in 2018.


The fan had taken the photo of Sujeong and Jisoo from behind as they were waiting to enter the stadium.


Netizens were completely shocked at her hour-glass figure and unreal proportions.

  • “Omg”
  • “Daebak”
  • “What the…”
  • “After looking her waist, I saw her shoulders and even her shoulders are pretty. She’s got it all…”
  • “She’s not even wearing heels.”
  • “Legendary”


Check out more photos of Sujeong from this day below:



Source: The Qoo