Lovelyz suprised by video cover of their song performed by their moms

Lovelyz, meet Momvelyz, Woollim Entertainment‘s newest group that has been practicing in secret.

On the latest episode of Mnet’s New Yang and Nam Show, Lovelyz appeared as guests to have a relaxing time with the hosts Eric Nam, Yang Se Hyung, and Jang Do Yeon.

The MC’s told Lovelyz that they were going to watch their latest music video “WoW!” to find out the main charming points of it. Little did they know, the music video was actually each of their mothers recreating their daughter’s respective scenes.

Upon seeing their mothers, the members were in shock and laughter. Each of their mothers perfectly reenacted the scenes from the music video and even copied the song’s point choreography of running in place. Some of the members were even moved to tears, seeing their mothers work so hard to surprise them.

Watch Momvelyz’s version of “WoW!” below.