Here Are The Two Main Reasons NCT’s Taeyong Doesn’t Ever Gain Weight

He’ll always be a skinny legend.

NCT‘s Taeyong is well known for his slim figure. His fans are in love with his lean but muscular physique and often praise him for rocking a gorgeous shape all the time! And  fans have uncovered these two reasons behind how Taeyong manages to stay slaying without putting on much weight.


First, and more obviously, Taeyong gets a ton of exercise in just by being a member of NCT and keeping up with all the choreography.


Throughout the group’s promotions, Taeyong has served as the center where his extreme dance moves are spotted best. While fans go nuts seeing him bust out these moves on stage, Taeyong is burning thousands of calories practicing and performing them!


Since a lot of NCT’s choreography is complicated with almost acrobatic movements, Taeyong probably doesn’t have the chance to put on a single pound!


The second reason is actually evident from his choice of food. During a recent radio interview, when Taeyong was asked to pick one food item he can’t live without – and if he could only feed on that item for the rest of his life – he chose oatmeal.


While oatmeal is a completely healthy and nutritional food item, it isn’t the most common to be picked, especially as an answer to a dramatic question like that. In fact, his fellow NCT members Mark and Yuta each chose fried chicken and pork belly. Taeyong, however, explained that he fell in love with oatmeal while he was spending time in the states and would gladly have it every day for every meal for the rest of his life!

I’d pick oatmeal. I had a lot of oatmeal while I was in the states. It was really good. So it was the first thing I bought as soon as I returned to Korea.

— Taeyong


Fans have all mildly panicked at Taeyong’s preference in food choices. They realized, only when they can appreciate things like oatmeal, they might be able to stay as lean as Taeyong!


So the secret’s out. Survive on oatmeal, only to dance it all off – It’s truly no wonder Taeyong is such a slim legend!

Source: THEQOO