Malay Politician Claims K-Pop Ruins Young People’s Minds

“It has made them apathetic and individualistic.”

At a recent convention for the conservative youth group Gamis in Malaysia, an activist fingered K-Pop as one of the sources of the corruption of young people’s minds.

Faizuddin Mohd Zai claimed that K-Pop promotes hedonism among young people and interferes with their cognitive development. He even went so far as to claim that K-Pop fans will end up with low paying careers compared to the youth who are not following the subculture.

He also claimed that the freedom and liberation expressed in K-Pop weakened discipline among Muslim youths by encouraging excessive individual freedom.

“We are damaged because we grow up in an environment that is unhealthy and how do we expect our youth to be good when even the (entertainment) programs are immersed in hedonism, like K-Pop here and there. It has made them apathetic and individualistic. They no longer care about current affairs and worse is Malay-Muslim parents themselves are encouraging this culture of hedonism,”

— Faizuddin Mohd Zai, Gamis Youth Group Leader

He did not disclose the source of his information, but he so certain with his findings that he concluded that exposure to liberalism and pop culture was causing Muslim youth to become dysfunctional adults.

Source: The Malay Online