Here’s The Male Celebrity That Lee Kwang Soo Relies On The Most

He gave a clear answer.

Lee Kwang Soo recently sat down for an interview with ESQUIRE Korea, where he answered a variety of questions.

One of the questions he was asked was about who he relies on the most among his close male celebrity friends.

When he got asked this question, he found it a little hard to answer.

However, he ended up picking Jo In Sung. Lee Kwang Soo stated that he sees him the most often among his male celebrity friends. Lee Kwang Soo also stated that Jo In Sung is a person who he can tell his concerns to.


While there are plenty of people who treat him well, Lee Kwang Soo stated that he wouldn’t be answering the question properly if he just said “everyone”.


So if he had to pick one person, it would be Jo In Sung.


Here’s the full video below!