This Male Idol Is Obsessed with Collecting Photo Cards of ITZY Members

He’s a true fanboy of ITZY.

Kim Heechul recently appeared on SBS’s My Little Old Boy where he showed off his impressive card collection to comedian, Lee Jin Ho.

On the show, Heechul told Lee Jin Ho that he would show him his card collection and approached him with a big stack of cards.

The cards he brought were of the ITZY members, and when Lee Jin Ho asked, “Isn’t that Red Velvet?” Heechul shyly answered, “This is ITZY.

Heechul had multiple cards of each member, and as he called out the names of each ITZY member, he sadly shared, “Yuna is the only card I’m missing.

He then proceeded to brag, “I even have a signed CD. Aren’t these so precious? Don’t you have something like this that makes you happy?

When Lee Jin Ho asked, “Don’t your SM ‘hoobaes’ get jealous?” Heechul confidently replied, “I think both our company’s idols, as well as ITZY, should be successful.

Source: Dispatch

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