Male Idol Group Studies Feminism After Receiving Criticism For Misogynistic Behavior

A.C.E will be studying up on feminism after their members made misogynistic comments on live stream.

Beat Interactive will make their rookie group A.C.E take time to study about feminism after their members were called out for making misogynistic comments.


During MIXNINE Boys‘ recent live stream, member Choi Hyun Suk asked what type of gift the members think his sister would want from them. After Lee Byung Gon answered with designer bags, A.C.E’s Jason and Donghun said she’d want brands such as Chanel and Gucci and laughed along.

Some netizens took offense to the MIXNINE members’ comments, saying they are stereotyping that all women like designer bags.


In response, Beat Interactive announced that they will create a section on their fancafe where A.C.E fans can see the members learn about feminism and humanities.

“We had a meeting regarding Jason and Donghun’s inappropriate and immature misogynistic comments and agreed that just posting an apology would not be enough to solve the problem. We will create a new section on the fancafe where you can see the A.C.E members studying about feminism and other humanities. If you would like to recommend content relating to feminism for the A.C.E members to see, please leave us a comment so we can share it with them.” — Beat Interactive


The netizens applauded the group and the agency for taking proactive measures to right their wrongs.

  • “It’s true that they did wrong, but they realized that they did wrong and apologized. I believe it’s important for idols to recognize their faults and do their best to become better people.”

  • “Of course, they were in the wrong, but I’m impressed how fast they apologized and are working to fix their mistake.”

  • “That’s amazing. I will cheer for you guys.”


Take a look at the clip that became problematic below:


Source: Xportnews