This Male Idol’s Smooth Moves Made Heechul’s Heart Go Crazy

If you were Heechul, you’d probably fall for this Casanova too.

Super Junior‘s Heechul is a total sucker for good aegyo, but he wasn’t expecting to fall for this male idol’s charms!


On episode 261 of Weekly Idol, several idols took part in a contest to win a mystery prize. The participants included Momo (TWICE), Eunha (GFRIEND), Mark (GOT7), and Minhyuk (BTOB).


To win, these four idols had to make Heechul’s heart flutter…literally. The idol who raised Heechul’s pulse the highest would be declared the winner.


Eunha appealed to Heechul by singing to him in an adorable voice. As soon as Eunha took Heechul’s hand, he broke out in a huge smile and his pulse began to rise.


Eunha’s playful tap at the end was nearly too much for him; it sent his pulse up to 120 beats per minute!


The next competitor was Momo. As soon as she said “Nico Nico Nii”, a catchphrase used by Love Live! School Idol Project character Yazawa Nico, he was done for.


If that wasn’t enough to send his heart racing, her cute “hello” in Japanese was. By the end of Momo’s turn, Heechul’s heart rate was at 136 BPM!


Momo’s score was tough to compete with, but the last two competitors weren’t going down without a fight. Instead of using aegyo, Mark tried giving Heechul an (awkward) hand massage.


Unfortunately, it only raised Heechul’s heart to 117 BPM, putting Mark in third place.


To beat Momo’s score, Minhyuk would have to pull out the big guns. Instead of aegyo, he used his charisma to approach Heechul in a bold, manly way.


This tactic took Heechul completely off-guard! His heart started to pound as Minhyuk placed Heechul’s hand on his chest and stroked his neck.


The other idols burst out laughing as Minhyuk raised the BPM even more by dabbing Heechul’s face with a makeup pad.


Heechul tried to deny his rising heart rate, but Minhyuk wasn’t finished yet.


He finished off strong by pulling Heechul into a romantic back hug!


Momo and Minhyuk were neck in neck for the grand prize, but in the end…


…Momo won by two points!  Minhyuk’s final score was 134 BPM, while Momo’s was 136 BPM.


Minhyuk looked disappointed to lose, but after seeing the prize…


…he may have been glad to!


To see the full contest and more, you can check out the episode here.