Here’s What Each Member Of MAMAMOO Told Fans Who Were Dieting…And It’s Not What You’d Expect

Wheein’s response will make you LOL.

MAMAMOO is open and honest, especially when it comes to their fans. However, when some fans asked for dieting advice, they had some hilarious responses.

In the K-Pop industry, idols have to maintain slim physiques and fit into harsh beauty standards, so fans may assume that girls like MAMAMOO would divulge their diet secrets.

Hwasa‘s slim yet curvy physique is often coveted by fans, and when she was asked how to lose weight during a fan meeting, her response did not disappoint.


— Hwasa

While Hwasa’s advice may seem funny, it’s actually sound. Maintaining a healthy diet as opposed to starving will do wonders for the brain and body.

Solar, whose abs will make anyone curious about her fitness secrets, also answered a fan who asked her to say something to those who are dieting.

You’ll feel like you’re dying, but you wont die.

— Solar

It’s true that hard work doesn’t always feel good and sometimes you really don’t want to reach for an apple instead of a cookie…but according to Solar, it won’t kill you, so there’s some reassurance.

Wheein, who has an all-around toned physique, decided to playfully tease a fan who also asked her to say something to fans who are dieting.

Go have ramyeon? [Literally: Ramyeon go?]

— Wheein

Wow, Wheein. That hit below the belt.

Moonbyul, who lost 10 kg in a month, actually gave fans some sound advice…despite it sounding a bit harsh.

She revealed during her own diet that she stopped hanging out with friends. By avoiding going out to eat, she was able to follow her strict diet without distractions.

MAMAMOO’s unique diet advice may not be what you wanted to hear, but each one totally sums up their personalities!