MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Did the Most Touching Thing with Her First Paycheck That She Got as an Idol

She was only 21 years old at the time.

On the most recent episode of MBC’s I Live AloneZannabi‘s Kim Do Hyung shared a story about how he spent one of his paychecks on giving his grandmother allowance money.


After watching the related footage, the other cast of the show jumped in and shared their own money-related stories.

In particular, MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa shared that she received her first paycheck after their song, “Um Oh Ah Yeh”, and that that’s when she paid off her parents’ debt and started giving them allowance money.

Hwasa debuted back in 2014 with MAMAMOO and attracted significant popularity with their song, “Um Oh Ah Yeh” after just one year.

Despite only being 21 years old at the time, Hwasa put her own interests aside and made sure to help out her parents first.

Last year, Hwasa attracted a lot of attention by expressing her guilt and regret about not being a good enough daughter. She shared, “I always feel sorry. I feel like a bad daughter. People say that if you cry while talking about your parents, that’s because you weren’t good to them. Well, I cry when I talk about them. I don’t think I’ve done enough for them.


Source: Insight