MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Got So “Annoyed” By Fans, She Actually Threw Something At The Audience

No MooMoos were harmed in the process.

As a K-Pop group, MAMAMOO has always carried an approachable image for fans, where they share a two-way comfort zone with the artists and often interact like friends. The group’s maknae, Hwasa, is no exception. In fact, she is one of the most soft-hearted when it comes to appreciating her fans, MooMoos.

MAMAMOO’s member Hwasa | @_mariahwasa/Instagram

Over the last nine years of the group’s career, Hwasa has shown her genuine fondness for fans, whether it is through giving them healthy dieting tips, being extra attentive during fansigns, or even letting fans get close to her during performances.

But on day 2 of the MY CON Seoul show, something happened that got the “Maria” singer “annoyed” by the audience. The MY CON ENCORE – SEOUL concerts were a treat for fans as they came with new setlists, outfits, and VCRs. The concerts were also pretty emotionally charged for both the group and the fans. Hwasa’s two-year contract with MAMAMOO’s agency RBW Entertainment was then close to its expiry, and fans naturally felt uncertain about the group’s future as a collective.

But during the concerts, all members reassured fans that they have nothing to worry about. Without getting into any specifics, MAMAMOO kept hinting that the four members’ bond is too strong to be bothered by contractual complications.

On all three days of the Seoul Encore concerts, MooMoos surprised the group with three different fan-made VCRs. The one that was played on June 17 had a heartwarming montage of MAMAMOO’s growth, their 2016 ballad, “I Love You Too,” as the background music. When the video ended, the audience started singing the song to the members, making them tear up inevitably.

When it was time for each of the members to deliver their speech, Hwasa called out MooMoos for making her cry. She said though she was fine while watching the VCR, hearing the whole venue sing along to that song brought out her tears. To fully express how “annoyed” she was with fans, she playfully threw her tissue at them. As if that wasn’t enough to show the full extent of her annoyance, Hwasa asked Wheein for her tissue as well and threw it again!

Well, Hwasa might be pissed, but her fans can’t stop admiring the idol’s cuteness!