MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Once Admitted To A Very Introverted Habit

Introverts feel this on a spiritual level. 🙋🏻‍♀️

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa is known for her fierce stage presence that screams confidence…but even someone like Hwasa still needs her alone time to wind down.

Wheein revealed that she often shares a room with Hwasa during overseas schedules and noticed her peculiar habit of staying in the bathroom much longer than the average person. As in, 2-3 hours longer.

At first I was curious what she was doing and later I found out that she was listening to music.

— Wheein

She seems to like being by herself in closed spaces.

— Wheein

Hwasa admits that when she and Wheein are tired and laying down in the hotel room, that’s when she really wants to listen to music. However, Wheein’s trying to sleep, so she can’t play her music too loud.

I go into the bathroom and listen to my music there. Once I was so into it that I was there until 3 AM. I went in around 9~10 o’clock.

— Hwasa

Moonbyul even noted Hwasa’s habit when they were all living together where she would go into the laundry room.

After work she’d always go and sit there, she’d watch videos and listen to music on her tablet until we all fell asleep.

— Moonbyul

The host commented that Hwasa needs her own time and space just like others do, to which she agreed.

That’s what made me happy, so that’s what I did.

— Hwasa

Are you like Hwasa and need some alone time at the end of the day? Watch below to hear the full story!