MAMAMOO Hwasa’s Impact As “Sold-Out Queen” Is Felt Yet Again By Tofu Ball Craze

Everything she touches goes viral.

Hwasa of MAMAMOO‘s appearance on I Live Alone shows a peek into her private, daily life.

From the things she does to the food she eats, many products she is discussing have become sold-out within days of the episode airing, including recorder sheet musicgopchang, and even her tips for eating deliciously.

The latest craze Hwasa has created is her fried tofu rice ball for dieting. She uses it before a comeback for weight loss, but it still looks incredibly delicious.

Hwasa can’t help but bite into the tofu as she prepares her meal. 

She creates rice balls using tofu and seaweed. She fries them and then wraps them in beef brisket in order to create the perfect meal.

Many people are recreating the recipe, and flooding SNS with their results.

The COVID-19 epidemic has resulted in an increase of online shopping, where the ingredients still managed to become sold out online within two days of the episode airing.

After watching the show, I was curious about the taste of Hwasa’s fried tofu rice ball. I access the website to buy ingredients to make this dish and also to diet, but there’s nothing left. The next day had no ingredients either.

— Fan


Hwasa’s impact is certainly felt in whatever she does! We wonder what will be the next thing that she causes to sell out.

Source: VLive