MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Plays A Game Of “This or That” — And Reveals Some Juicy Secrets

Five-Year-Old Wheein or Five Wheeins?

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa revealed some interesting facts about herself by answering a questionnaire and some of her answers may surprise you!

1. Sexy Hwasa or Cute Hwasa

I’d rather be sexy, I don’t like cute things. *laughs*

— Hwasa

2. Five-Year-Old Wheein or Five Wheeins

3. Don’t sleep for 24 hours or Don’t eat for 24 hours

I would rather sleep. If I don’t get enough sleep, I just get weird. I used to be okay not sleeping before, but now I just can’t do it.

— Hwasa

4. Listen to only one song forever or Listen to songs only once ever

5. Forget lyrics or Forget choreography

If I forget my lyrics, I lose all momentum during a song, so I’d rather forget choreography. I get both wrong a lot, though. *laughs*

— Hwasa

6. See the future or Travel to the past

7. Be a producing genius with average singing skills or Be a great singer with average producing skills

8. Eye makeup or Base makeup

Doesn’t it look funny if you do your eye makeup without any base?

— Hwasa

9. Solar who picks expensive food to order or Moonbyul who leaves food behind

Even if I have times where I’m not doing so well financially, I’d rather go into debt being able to treat other people.

— Hwasa

10. If you win the lottery: Tell the members or Don’t tell them

11. Lotto or Pension Lottery

I want to collect all the winnings at once. I wouldn’t be able to wait every month for the money.

— Hwasa

Watch Hwasa’s full explanation of each answer below!