MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Loves Working Out—This Is How Much

“I think it would be nice if my shoulders were like Thor’s.”

In a recent interview (with herself ) for Singles, MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul reminded fans once again that she loves to work out. But the true extent of how much she loves it was revealed last year in a hilarious exchange with Wheein on an episode of ASMR ver. Q&A.

When they were asked to guess each other’s interests, Wheein was proud of herself for guessing ‘working out’ correctly as Moonbyul’s interest. Moonbyul, however, was less than impressed, as she’s expressed her love of exercise many times before.

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul and Wheein on “ASMR ver. Q&A” | M2/YouTube

Wheein then teased Moonbyul by saying that Moonbyul’s dream is to look like Thor…and Moonbyul hilariously agreed!

She even jokingly claimed that she would like to have shoulders like Thor’s.

Imagining how she would look with Thor-like shoulders, the two MAMAMOO members couldn’t stop laughing, especially considering how small Moonbyul’s face is in comparison to Thor’s shoulders.

With her third mini album coming out soon, Moonbyul says she has been working out a lot while preparing for the album, and we don’t doubt it! She has her love for exercise in common with fellow MAMAMOO member Solar, who is also a fitness queen herself. With any luck, we’ll see Moonbyul showing off some muscles as well!


Source: YouTube