MAMAMOO Is Moved To Tears After Rocking Out With 300 MooMoos

It was an awesome show!

On a recent episode of 300 X2, a TV program designed for artists and the audience to perform together as one, MAMAMOO rocked the stage with their hottest hit tracks. When the audience also gave an unforgettable performance too, singing along with MAMAMOO, the members were moved to tears on stage!


MAMAMOO were anxious to see if there will a full house of 300 MooMoos. At the same time, the members proudly shared their confidence in their fans’ abilities to successfully complete the fan chants and sing alongs.

Our fans are known to be good at fan chants. They’re known to be the loudest too, so that has always made us very proud. But this is kind of new, so we’re excited and nervous!

— Hwasa


Soon, the intro for MAMAMOO’s hit song “Décalcomanie” began playing. The members and the audience became one and carried out the choreographed moves and synchronized fan chants. When they became one with the rhythm, MAMAMOO looked overwhelmed by the level of pure love and passion that their fans have for their music!


MAMAMOO had tons of fun on stage, freely interacting with their loving fans. And the 300 MooMoos who showed up to join MAMAMOO also had a great time, showing off their vocals, their moves, and their never-ending support for MAMAMOO!

MAMAMOO songs are high in pitch, so unless the fans know how to work their voices, these songs are tough to perform. So I was slightly worried about how the performances will turn out. But MAMAMOO has amazing fans. They were so in sync with the choreography and they sang flawlessly.

— 300 X2 Producer


In the end, Moonbyul couldn’t hold her tears back, thinking back to how beautiful the audience looked from the stage. She was touched by how MooMoos were so dedicated to making the stage work.

It really touched my heart. We had 300 fans trying to stay in sync with the choreography. I could see the fans checking with each other to make sure their moves are right. They were set on doing this correctly and that… That made me so… (tears)

— Moonbyul


Check out the clip below to hear how amazing MAMAMOO and MooMoos sounded together, united as one voice:

Source: E News