MAMAMOO’s Solar Spotted in a Sexy Tank Top Exposing Her Chest Area

Solar looked absolutely stunning, but her fellow members made sure to keep an eye on her bold outfit.

MAMAMOO was recently spotted at Incheon International Airport heading over to Hong Kong for SBS’s Super Concert.

Ahead of boarding their flight, MAMAMOO members greeted all the fans and reporters who were there to see them with bright smiles on their faces.

Among all of the gorgeous members, it was Solar who captured many people’s attention with her sexy airport fashion.

On this day, Solar wore a brown tank top that revealed her chest area along with short jean shorts.

What stood out about Solar’s outfit was how much the top revealed her gorgeous curves.

And it seemed as though her fellow members were slightly worried for her as they were spotted trying to fix her top from showing a little too much.

Regardless, Solar looked absolutely bold and stunning as she headed out to share more of her beauty and talent in Hong Kong.

Source: Insight