MAMAMOO’s Solar Bares Her Naked Face on Camera

Solar revealed her bare face for all to see.

In a recent YouTube video uploaded by MAMAMOO‘s Solar herself, she washed off her makeup to reveal her bare and natural face for all her fans to see.

The video is titled, “Don’t Be Shocked! Bare Face Revealed!“, Solar shared her extensive face-washing technique.

She explained,

I’ve been completing album-related activities lately, so I often have very heavy makeup on. For that reason, I have to pay particular attention to cleansing.

– Solar

Solar washed her face once…


And many more times to reveal her natural face underneath the makeup.

But what shocked fans were the ultimate result of Solar’s thorough cleansing routine.

Once she removed all of her makeup…

What was revealed was Solar’s shockingly natural beauty.

Not only did she show off flawless skin, but her youthful features especially stood out.

Fans who thought her makeup face was beautiful were shocked to find out that she’s even more beautiful with a bare face.

Some of the fans’ comments include “She deserves to be a model for skincare” and “Noona, how come you’re this pretty even with no makeup on?

Check out Solar’s full cleansing routine below:

Source: Insight