MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals Her Tragic Past Dealing With School Bullies

How can anyone be like this to someone as sweet as Solar?

MAMAMOO’s Solar recently opened up about her past experiences dealing with bullying at school.

Solar’s personality as a young elementary school student was completely different than the outgoing, bubbly Solar we know today.

I was very quiet and I was an introvert [in primary school]. I used to be silent and hate to do presentations in front of the others.

— Solar

Because she only had one friend, she became the target of bullies.

You know, when going on a picnic, the type of people who sit in the back of the bus. [I was bullied] by those kinds of people.

— Solar

Solar tried to always place herself near the teacher to avoid their harassment as much as possible.

Her close friend started to hang out with the bullies and Solar became alone. They would even throw snacks at her.

I was too quiet and shy so I was just sitting there just looking in front of me.

— Solar

She ended up going to a different middle school partly to get away from the situation. Character-wise, she became more active there and was able to make new and better friends who are still in her life to this day.

Luckily, Solar can tell the story with a smile now and was able to eventually make some lifelong friends. However, don’t hesitate to report any cases of bullying you may be enduring.


Watch her explain all about her past on “Ravi’s Close Up” below!