MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals Her Healthy “What I Eat In A Day” For Maintaining Her Weight

She eats WHAT for dessert?!

MAMAMOO’s Solar recently revealed her typical full day of eating, cataloguing her three meals and various snacks.

On this particular day, Solar was running late. She only had time to grab half an apple and some almond milk.

Despite not having much time, she doesn’t forget to take her vitamins. She also takes a combination of lactobillicus and collagen.

Later in the day when she returns home, it’s time for her first real meal of the day. The main course is boneless mackerel that she prepares in an air fryer.

This is accompanied by protein that she constantly keeps stocked in her fridge…

…as well as multi-grain rice, a healthier alternative to white rice.

She accompanies this meal with her mom’s side dishes, including lotus root and dried shredded squid.

Later, it’s time for dessert. She prepared some homemade yogurt and drizzles it with honey.

It looks good right? It helps your digestion, too.

— Solar

She decides to have a second “dessert” and goes for tomato bingsu.

It’s really delicious. Trust me and try it!

— Solar

For a late dinner, she opts for kale juice with a bowl full of tomatoes.

Solar has some interesting food choices but focuses on getting all her nutrients. No wonder she looks amazing!

Watch her full day of eating below.