Here Are The Heartbreaking Beauty Standards For A K-Pop Idol’s Weight, According To MAMAMOO’s Solar

“What are we supposed to do?”

MAMAMOO‘s Solar once responded to a fan’s question about how she manages her weight, and her answer may come as a surprise to many K-Pop fans.

| @solarkeem/Instagram

Just from looking at herself in media, she knows she has to manage herself in order to have a “good” appearance.

However, it’s not as easy as simply maintaining her weight. If she gains weight, she’s criticized for being too heavy.

Let’s say I gained weight. Then they’ll say something about me gaining weight.

— Solar

However, if she loses too much weight, she’s also told she’s too skinny, making it almost impossible to find a middle ground.

And if I lose weight, then they say I’m like a dried anchovy and say something.

— Solar

Because of this, she does her best to try and satisfy both sides by keeping her weight in the middle, which is also a struggle.

Not only is this the reality for Solar, it’s also the norm for many celebrities who are criticized for the slightest change of their weight or appearance.

But also I think many people other than me will be having a difficult time with this, too.

— Solar

Regardless of whether a celebrity is losing or gaining weight, they’re always met with at least some negative backlash from the general public.

What are we supposed to do? I’m not allowed to lose or gain weight.

— Solar

Held to an unrealistic standard of beauty, it’s impossible for anyone to satisfy hate commenters.

All MooMoos truly want is for Solar to be happy and healthy!

| @solarkeem/Instagram