MAMAMOO Solar shocks fans with sexy cover of Justin Timberlake

Solar gave everyone a heart attack by bringing the sexy back!

MAMAMOO‘s concerts usually consist of solo stages of each member. Back in one of their concert in August, Solar performed a heartfelt rendition of Whitney Houston‘s “I Will Always Love You” for her solo performance in an angelic white dress. Fans were in for a big surprise as what came next was a complete 180 degrees.

The atmosphere went up, as the next part of her performance began with the back-up dancers’ drumming. Although Solar was not present on stage, a CG of her impressively playing the drums played on the screens. Everyone at the concert went wild when Solar finally appeared in a white two-piece outfit with a shear and white stockings. With confidence and charisma, Solar began to sing along to Justin Timberlake‘s “Sexy Back.” She got her sexy on as she began dancing seductively, giving a powerful stage. The way she sexily moved to the music already made everyone go wild, but Solar had prepared something more up her sleeve!

The fans were in for another great surprise when Solar did a short but awesome electric guitar solo while whipping her hair back and forth. She finished the stage perfectly by ending with a powerful high note.

 Watch Solar slay the stage with her sexiness in the performance below (Stage starts around 3:30) :