MAMAMOO Wanted To Prank Hwasa For Her Birthday But They Didn’t Expect This Surprising Plot Twist To Happen

All the MAMAMOO members started to feel sorry for Hwasa, until she dropped this bombshell.

For MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa‘s birthday celebration, the members conspired with their staff to play a prank on her with a hidden camera.

It all started with Hwasa getting “scolded” because she didn’t strictly follow her diet. Look at Solar struggling to keep a straight face.

After this, you can see Hwasa look sad.

The members enjoyed teasing her at first, but when they Hwasa get out, followed by their CEO, they looked concerned.

Once Hwasa came back, it was her turn to shoot. You can see that she still looked down.

Because of this, she was “scolded” again for not being “professional”. She apologized and continued with the shoot.

The atmosphere turned serious when it was discovered that Hwasa “drank beer”.

Her fellow members froze in shock! Solar even instructed the cameraman to stop shooting.

But then, the staff still continued to film and it was shown that Hwasa talked back to their superiors and even slammed the door. Even her best friend Wheein was surprised.

The CEO called the other members and “scolded” them, too…

…until Hwasa shouted that it’s a hidden camera prank all along!

The members couldn’t believe it. Moonbyul said that Solar became suspicious but still wasn’t sure, so they felt stunned.

In the end, everyone was happy.

Moral of the story: don’t prank Hwasa unless you can handle her revenge.

Source: MAMAMOO Channel