MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul And Solar Speak Briefly On If They Will Renew Their Contracts In 2021

They gave a very open answer.

MAMAMOO‘s contract with RBW will be ending in 2021, and fans are curious if the members will be renewing their contracts when that time comes. During a live broadcast, Solar and Moonbyul spoke briefly on the matter.


When talking about possible contract extensions, Solar shared that it’s not something that they were focusing on at the moment. She revealed that members of MAMAMOO will start discussing their future and contract extensions when the time comes.

Moonbyul and Solar also felt that since all the members have a good relationship with each other, they didn’t need to rush with a decision. They felt that it would best to discuss the situation at a later time.

Moonbyul and Solar also reveal that they just want to focus on their activities as MAMAMOO in 2020 and enjoy their time with their fans, rather than worry about their contracts.

Here’s the full video below!