MAMAMOO’s Solar Couldn’t Hold Back Her Tears When She Realized She Made A Terrible Mistake

You’ll feel like crying with her.

As everyone may well know, MAMAMOO‘s Solar has a solo album coming out on April 23 and fans are hyped! No, but really, MooMoos are out there breaking the Internet for their queen!

As she does, Solar took footage for her YouTube channel Solarsido. In this case, the footage was for the making of her solo album Spit It Out. Unfortunately, most of the footage was lost.

Source: Solarsido/YouTube

When Solar first shows herself on camera, you can see that her eyes are visibly moist and red.

Source: Solarsido/YouTube

Even her eyelashes are weighed down by her tears.

Source: Solarsido/YouTube

At one point she wipes at her eyes and explains that she’s really not laughing, but in fact, crying over the lost footage.

Source: Solarsido/YouTube

As Solar’s fans know, she’s quite meticulous about planning her videos well in advance, so her frustration and pain over the lost footage is not only understandable but also quite relatable for anyone who has experienced the horror of losing their work.

Lost footage aside, Solar’s vlog is incredible as always! Be sure to check it out below: