MAMAMOO’s Solar Designed Her Own Custom Shoes And They’re Surprisingly Adorable

Solar says she’s not good, but her skills beg to differ!

MAMAMOO’s Solar filmed the creative process of designing custom shoes…and you won’t believe how cute they turned out!

Since it’s June, this year she prepared a Memorial Month special of designing shoes. She explains how last year during this month she visited the War Memorial of Korea.

Solar has some experience when it comes to designing shoes, like creating some for fellow MAMAMOO member Moonbyul and singer IU.

She gets to work, using a patriotic color palette and a series of phrases showing her love for Korea.

The sneakers are adorned with phrases such as “I ❤️ Korea” and “대한민국 (Republic of Korea).”

Solar may have struggled to think of ideas…

…but the shoes turn out totally adorable!

Her favorite part is the Rose of Sharon she added to the front of the shoe.

In the end, they’re the perfect summer shoe that shows her pride to be Korean!

Watch Solar’s full design process below.