MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals The Hardships She Suffered While Preparing For Men’s Health Korea

Fans praised her dedication and honesty!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar has recently been gaining attention for her incredible transformation for the cover of Men’s Health Korea. She has taken fans through every step during this process, from revealing her diet plans, favorite workout brands, and more. With all of this work, it was no surprise that she slayed the front cover.

Yet, in a recent video on her YouTube channel, Solar showcased some behind-the-scenes footage from the day of the shoot and revealed her honest thoughts on the diet. From the very beginning, Solar explained how tired she felt and explained that it wasn’t something she recommended.

I lost around 7kg. I don’t think this is how a person should live… I will never diet like this again.

— Solar

After such an intensive period of dieting and exercising, many people go through a yo-yo effect, which means losing weight rapidly before gaining it as quickly. Solar explained that her trainer gave her some advice on this but admitted that it would be hard.

He said I need to maintain my current diet and workout habits. Sigh, I’m really sorry, but I don’t think I can.

— Solar

Many fans felt a sense of relief after seeing Solar finally having a drink of water and eating a scone, and the relief and emotion were also evident on her face.

She even admitted that, because of the diet, she spent a lot of time alone. It was to stop others from feeling the extent of her annoyance due to the lack of food.

Solar then revealed that, even though she did it for a day, she would never recommend anyone to diet in a way that doesn’t allow you to drink water alongside not eating. She also added that some awful side effects came with this approach.

I really don’t think it’s right. It’s something that really damages your health. Even though I only did it for a day, my body felt numb and tingly. My whole body felt like I had a cramp, and I couldn’t sleep because it was so tough.

— Solar

Yet, despite her hardships, Solar was rightly proud of herself when the shoot ended.

Seeing the photos in the monitor right now, it made me think I worked hard. To be honest, at first, I didn’t have the strength, so my body couldn’t keep up. But while shooting, after drinking some water, I got a bit of strength.

— Solar

As expected, she also used her experience to send a message to her fans and reassure them after many were worried and concerned about her during this period.

I felt it’s best to be healthy. Mine was a special case. Our Yongwangnims (name of Solar’s subscribers) as well, diet healthy. If you become healthy, your personality becomes brighter.

— Solar

In the comments, fans praised Solar for her dedication and shared their relief at knowing that she can now go back to normality. As always, Solar has proved that she has a fighting spirit and determination yet continues to be a proactive and inspiring role model!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: solarsido