MAMAMOO’s Solar looks like this Harry Potter character

MAMAMOO‘s Solar‘s recent dark themed hair and makeup caught fans attention with it’s chilling Bellatrix Lestrange vibe.

Solar’s recent dark look has drawn attention, causing fans to compare her to famous Harry Potter characters such as Bellatrix Lestrange. Solar’s dark curls, heavy eye makeup, bright lips, and black long coat seem to have made her appear to look like a younger, (and slightly more innocent) incarnation of the popular fictional villain.

Idols have previously expressed their love for the popular books and movie series as many have cosplayed as Hogwarts students for special Halloween public appearances and even themed music videos.

Take a look at Solar’s epic dark witch look below:

Solar looked stunning as her vampy look almost resembled a young Bellatrix.
Solar could totally master Bellatrix’s attitude alongside the look.
Solar would be the perfect choice to play a young Bellatrix in a movie.
Like Ms. LeStrange, Solar has fire in her eyes.
Her look caught everyone’s attention as she stepped away from her usually innocent image.
Full black outfits look as good on Bellatrix as they do on Solar.
Fans were in awe of her eye-catching look.

Wouldn’t she be a great addition to the Harry Potter cast?