MAMAMOO’s Solar Is Releasing Her First Solo With “SPIT IT OUT” And MooMoos Are Breaking The Internet Because Of It

It has already trended in YouTube — worldwide!

It’s official: MAMAMOO‘s Solar is releasing her first solo album this April!

News of Solar’s solo album, along with its intro teaser, has been posted on the group’s official Twitter account.

And so far, RBW Entertainment must have done a good job promoting it, since the teaser has successfully trended at the number three spot on YouTube worldwide.

MooMoos are also excited about Solar’s comeback since they found out that Solar wrote this single herself.

Fans are even exclaiming that Solar will be dominating the world with her comeback, given the potential of her intro teaser.

Needless to say, MooMoos all over the world can’t wait for her comeback scheduled on April 23.

MooMoos are thankful for Solar’s single that is coming out soon.

One fan even had a mini-breakdown when she misread the title — that’s how hyped MooMoos are for MAMAMOO’s leader’s comeback.

Sometimes, the only thing left to do to express your excitement is through an old-fashioned keyboard smash.

Fans also couldn’t help but notice the duality of Solar’s character. How she can transform from being a cheerful, quirky leader to a confident and powerful performer is beyond MooMoos’ understanding.

Watch the full teaser below.