MAMAMOO’s Solar Unintentionally Roasted Her Groupmates And It Is Funny AF

The other members took it really well.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar is almost always relatable and funny AF. Whether she’s spending all day lounging her in her awesome bed, eating at a rival agency’s cafeteria, or making people crack up with her attempts at the bottle cap challenge, she’s shown that she’s not afraid to be herself, no matter what she wants to do or say.

So, when she said something that could maybe be interpreted the wrong way, absolutely no one was surprised and took it in stride! During an appearance on tvN‘s Life Bar in 2019, it was revealed that during dance practice, Solar had said out loud, “Your hair smells.

Source: tvN D CLASSIC/YouTube

Instead of becoming indignant, all of the members automatically asked, “Me?

Source: tvN D CLASSIC/YouTube

When host Heechul asked about it, they all admitted to not washing their hair that day, however, Solar wasn’t actually talking about any of her groupmates–she was talking about herself!

Source: tvN D CLASSIC/YouTube

Oops, talk about a misunderstanding! The ladies of MAMAMOO took Solar’s comment in stride, showing their closeness and the strength of their friendship. Besides, we’ve all roasted our best friends before… right? 😉

Watch the clip below to experience the retelling of the moment in all its glory, as well as for other fun MAMAMOO moments: