MAMAMOO’s Wheein And Hwasa Explain Why They Thought Solar Was “Really Weird” When They First Met Her

They said Solar was weird because she did these things in the past.

MAMAMOO is the one of the closest girl groups in Korea right now, but did you know that two members actually thought their leader was “really weird”?

Yes, when childhood best friends Hwasa and Wheein entered the company, they both thought that Solar, the new-comer to the group, seemed odd and “interesting”.

The topic came about when the members were asked what they initially thought of each other.

In the radio show Jungyeop’s Power Stage LIVE, Hwasa and Wheein talked about why they thought Solar was weird.

Sure, it’s understandable that Solar sat by herself because the three members weren’t close initially.

But then, Hwasa and Wheein just thought that Solar left a peculiar impression.

For one thing, in the past, she would just spread a yoga mat on the the floor and do yoga all by herself…

…with Hwasa and Wheein sitting on the sofa and just watching her.

They also thought it was weird that Solar would get gong-gal bread, instead of the usual cream bread, when going to the local bakery.

As the days went by, though, Solar and Wheein finally had a chance to get close to each other when Wheein went to Solar’s house one day.

Since Solar wanted to be a hospitable host, she went out of her way to cook jajang-rice and even jajang-spaghetti for Wheein. She told Wheein to eat a lot.

But then, the plot twist is that Wheein didn’t like jajang-rice in the first place!

In the end, though, she still made an effort to eat at least 2 spoonfuls of rice because she felt bad about Solar cooking everything.

Two great things came out of this interaction: Solar ate everything because she didn’t want to waste food, so at least she enjoyed her cooking…

…and Solar and Wheein started to get closer after laughing about the whole thing.

Now, the bond between the two is closer than ever, with Solar and Wheein even coming up with the term “angel line” to describe their dynamic duo.