Watch This Man Cover 2017’s Most Popular K-Pop Songs in Just 2 Minutes

Nineteen of the most popular songs of 2017 were covered in this hilarious two minutes long video by popular YouTube star Go Toe Kyung.

He rose to popularity in 2016 for his creative and hilarious dance covers to the biggest K-Pop songs and has since then gained over 670,000 YouTube subscribers.

His YouTube channel has become so popular that he has appeared television and has even participated in the music festival KCON in Los Angeles.

Go Toe Kyung even went as far as performing the choreography of these songs and dressing up in cosplay, such as his Produce 101‘s Moonbok cosplay for this video!

TWICE “Knock Knock”

Produce 101’s “Pick Me”

BTS “Not Today”

Red Velvet “Rookie”

GOT7 “Never Ever”

MONSTA X “Beautiful”

Watch all 19 songs brought to life in the full video below!