Man turns into John Wick after his dog is killed… chases culplit and runs him over

The story of a dog owner who took revenge against his dog’s killer by running him over has shocked many people all over the world.

A man from Jiangsu, China was raising several dogs at home. One day, he heard his dogs whining in pain and was shocked by what he saw on his front lawn.

He saw his dogs collapsed from being hit by poison darts. A total six of his pets had been killed.

The killer fled the scene via motorbike and the owner immediately began to chase him with his car. Soon, he hit the culprit in front of a building nearby. The dog-killer died on the spot.

The police apprehended the dog owner and stated that he “did not have the intent to kill. He mistakenly stepped on the pedal.” 

The family of the deceased culprit also made a statement.

Although we are at fault, there is no reason for us to be punished. We will be pressing charges against the dog owner.” 

– Family of the Deceased Dog Killer

What an intense story! How would you react if that was your pet?

Source: Dispatch