A mascot took Red Velvet Joy’s place in this performance

Red Velvet was photobombed by the mascot of a professional baseball team during their performance.

Red Velvet recently had the opportunity to throw the ceremonial opening pitch for a baseball game. During the opening pitch, the baseball team’s mascot stands next to the idol group that has been invited to the game and join them. The mascot that joined Red Velvet was Kia Tiger’s mascot.

While Joy did not perform with the group for this event, the Kia Tiger mascot joined in at the end of the performance by striking the same pose as the members.

Wendy was startled by the mascot but quickly recovered and smiled happily along with the rest of the group. The crowd cheered on as the mascot and members left the field.

Everyone seemed pleased by the Kia Tiger’s antics as well as the performance given by Red Velvet, furthered heightened by the Tiger’s subsequent win over the ‘enemy’ team.

Check out the video of the full performance and Red Velvet’s reaction to the photobomb below!