Meet The Adorable Korean Dog With More Followers Than You

This dog has an incredible number of devoted fans on Instagram and when you see her pictures, you won’t wonder why.

With over 163,000 Instagram followers, Tori the dog has gained an immense number of loving fans over her short time on the site β€” and it’s no wonder why when she looks this adorable!

The two-year-oldΒ Bichon Frise lives in Daegu, South Korea, and regularly updates her followers with cute photos.

But what makes her most special is her perfectly shaped circular hair cut – one of her most unique aspects and the reason that so many people are falling for her!

Check out more of the sweet photos that have been shared on her page!

Her loving owners make sure to keep her nicely groomed!

They even make sure to dress her warmly in these adorable outfits!

Tori fast asleep will make even the coldest of hearts melt!

Tori’s round cut makes her look like a ball of fluff.

Tori even takes pictures with her friends to share!

She looks just like a teddy bear, and loves being pampered!

Be sure to check out more photos and videos of her over on her Instagram page!