Meet Mana, The World’s Cutest Viral Instagram Baby

Warning! The following graphics are so adorably cute that you may just die of a heart attack.

This is Mana, a little toddler who lives in Japan!

Don’t be fooled by Mana’s eye-catching pretty features because he’s a boy.

He’s recently gone viral all over the world, and you can clearly see why.

He’s absolutely adorable and super-fantastically cute!

He has big doe-like eyes that you can never say no to.

His little button nose will have you screaming with joy.

And his chubby little cheeks are calling your name for a squeeze.

With one of his signature smiles, Mana crawls his way into your heart.

And lands the killing blow with his out-of-this-world aegyo!

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Many say he’s the next Mason Moon – a mixed Korean child actor.

Left: Mason Moon Right: Mana

Not much is known about Mana yet…

Many fans wonder, “If Mana looks this adorable, how much of a visual god are his parents?

One thing’s for certain, Mana’s parents know how to dress a kid up!

Even at such a young age, Mana has gathered a large fan base.

And fans can’t wait to watch him grow up!

Follow Mana and his everyday adventures through his Instagram!