Meet This Gorgeous Korean Model Living in Dubai

This smoldering hot Korean model is getting famous for her unbelievable good looks and her awesome Dubai lifestyle.

This model, known as JESS,  is making waves for her beautiful figure, tan skin, and perfect face.

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She is now residing in Dubai. The city’s fantastic weather and blossoming opportunity are making it increasingly popular as a vacation destination and work hub for Korean idols. Groups like BTS and actors such as Gong Yoo have been spotted there for work.

JESS is just beginning to gain more and more popularity for her incredible body and amazing facial features. She has seen great success within Chinese and Arabian markets as a model and is becoming more and more well known.

Check out more of her photos below.

In contrast to many domestic Korean models, JESS enjoys showing off her melanin.
Her figure is out of the world with proportions that are unmatched.
Always hitting the gym to stay fit!
One of the great parts about living in a city with warm weather is getting to go to the pool and beach whenever you want.
Even her phone case is luxurious and matches her sultry bodysuit.
JESS looks good in anything honestly. This sporty look is wow.
The Kendall Jenner aura.
Even with a cool biker jacket, she seems youthful and glowing.
The most important part of a workout is always the mirror selfie.
JESS does a lot of yoga and pilates exercises to keep herself toned.