Here’s The Current Melon Chart For Songs Released In The 2010s – Songs The Public Are Still Listening To In 2020

Are you still listening to any of these?

Recently, after the change in the Melon charts formatting, one can check on the songs as released by generation. When the settings are toggled by releases from each century, you can check the top listened to songs in the current year. These are the songs that the public still listens to in 2020, despite having been released in the 2010s.


1. “Cherry Blossom Ending” by Busker Busker

2. “Through The Night” by IU

3. “Wild Flower” by Park Hyoshin

4. “Spring Day” by BTS

5. “Friday” by IU

6. “I will go to you like the first snow” by Ailee

7. “Not spring, love or cherry blossoms” by HIGH4 and IU

8. “Every day, Every moment” by Paul Kim

9. “No Matter Where” by M.C the MAX

10. “Memory of the Wind” by Naul

Apart from the top 10, other idols made it into the list as well. “Cheer Up” by TWICE sits at 16, “DNA” by BTS at 28, “Red Flavor” by Red Velvet at 29 and BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” at 38.

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It seems like some songs are just absolutely timeless! Are you still listening to songs from the last century?


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