Members Of STELLAR Fined $80,000 For Uploading This Picture To Instagram

Stella members Kayoung and Minhee are in a danger of losing $80,000 over a lawsuit for their Instagram post.

Stella members Kayoung and Minhee entered into a contract with a cosmetics company ‘A’ to model for their advertisement, and they received 44,000,000 won (around 39000 USD).

In the contract, there were terms that prohibit them from promoting or appearing in commercials from the company’s competitors, and that if they broke the rules, they had to compensate the company with twice the amount they received.

However, these two members uploaded an image of them using products from a cosmetics company ‘B’ on their Instagram after being sponsored for the products and 200000 won (around 180 USD).

These images were used by company ‘B’ for their advertisements, and company ‘A’ filed a lawsuit against these two members.

The court ruled that the companies ‘A’ and ‘B’ are indeed in a competitive relationship and that members have to pay back twice the amount they received for breach of contract.

However, Stella’s company expressed their plans to repeal the decision.

Source: Dispatch