Middle School Student Hacks “Shincheonji Cult” Website in the Midst of COVID-19 Crisis in Korea

The student ridiculed Shincheonji and added a photo of a Buddha statue.

It was recently confirmed that the “Shincheonji cult” homepage was shut down following a hack performed by a middle school student.

Ahead of the shutdown, Shincheonji’s “fake news Q&A” page was replaced with a message that read, “Shincheonji’s site has been taken over by a middle school student, hahaha” along with a photo of a statue of Buddha.

The Q&A page that the hacker manipulated contained Shincheonji’s stance on what they claimed was “fake news” regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

The questions on the page consisted of the public’s perception of Shincheonji, claiming they were spreading the virus through church practices.

The answers stressed that Shincheonji had halted all church activities and that there were many false rumors being spread about them.

Once it was discovered that the page was hacked by a middle school student, the church quickly took the page down.

The “Shincheonji cult” is currently under fire in Korea for reportedly spreading the virus, causing the country to have the second-most infections in the world followed by China.

Korea’s number of coronavirus cases is currently at 5621.

Source: Dispatch