This Might Be The Real Reason Why Every Male Idol Has A White Shirt In His Wardrobe

Is it to look sexy, cool, chic, or something else?

Have you ever noticed how male idols wear white shirts a lot? They wear white button-ups at events, white tees around town, and all different kinds of white shirts on stage.


But why exactly do they have so many white tops? Perhaps it’s the way a white shirt can change their whole appearance with just a few changes.


They can go from effortlessly cool…


To simple and chic.


Or maybe they’ll transform from the model student…


To the high school bad boy!


On the other hand, these idols may wear them because they’ve thought about how easy a white shirt is to style and how it always makes the wearer look good.


Plus it will make them look ridiculously sexy whether they wear their tops open, closed, wet, or dry.


Although wet definitely ups the sexy factor.


Really, really ups it!


Then again idols may be wearing them because they look otherworldly and angelic.


Or maybe they simply recognize that these simple white shirts make everyone swoon.


But in reality, it’s likely all down to their stylist’s decision.


In which case, we all need to thank the stylists for sharing with us these glorious visuals that come along with the look!


Seriously, we have been blessed!