TWICE Mina Trends In Korea Yet Again Thanks To Her Gorgeous Outfit

While the name Idol Athletic Championships may suggest athletic brawn and sweaty sports, TWICE‘s Mina proved that sport is a performance, and a sexy one at that.

The 13th Idol Star Athletics Championship took place late last month to inaugurate the new Lunar Year. And even with such an expansive roster of beautiful idols participating in the event, Mina didn’t only take home the gold medal, but she also might have also stolen the show with her stunning rhythmic gymnastic performance, complete with her pink outfit, which was somehow both sexy and cute at the same time.

Check out some photos of Mina’s stunning gymnastics outfit below:

Mina poses at center-floor, greeting the fans and judges alike.
Not only does her stunning outfit match her apparatus, but also her radiating smile and upright posture complete the concept.
Mina knows how to laugh even when performing—a characteristic paramount for athletes and idols alike.
Mina shows off her skills during her ball routine; demonstrating her flexibility was hands-down one of the big reasons why she took home gold that night.
Mina waited patiently for the final score reveal.
She posed with her well-deserved gold medal, still shining in her beautiful-yet-sexy dress.