Minhyuk’s Giggle Is Way Too Contagious And The MONSTA X Members Couldn’t Keep It Together After Hearing It

It’s impossible to listen to Minhyuk’s laugh with a straight face.

For MONSTA X‘s appearance on We Bare Bears, the boys had to dub themselves laughing all together and looked like they were genuinely having a great time doing so.

When it got to Minhyuk‘s turn to record himself laughing solo, every single other member was trying their best not to burst out laughing too.

Joohoney decided to film Minhyuk’s laugh like a proud parent (and definitely for laughs later) and Kihyun upped the hilarity by zooming way too close into Minhyuk’s face.

MONSTA X clearly had a great time dubbing We Bare Bears, and Monbebe had an equally great time watching the episode. Watch the hilariousness ensue below: